All available titles - historical fiction, fantasy and YA sci-fi

M J Porter is an author of historical novels set in Anglo-Saxon England, and now also a little further afield, in Viking Age Denmark.

M J Porter has a BA and MA in History with an emphasis on primary source materials and the way information is transmitted through time.

M J Porter also writes fantasy based on Viking Age Iceland - the Dragon of Unison Series and has recently branched out into the YA market with the Unknown serial and the short story Blue Diamond. Support me on Patreon

Books by M J Porter

Of Gods and Kings (seventh century Britain)

Haedfeld also published as Pagan Warrior

Maserfeld also published as Pagan King

Winwaed  also published as Warrior King


The Lady of Mercia's Daughter (918)


Chronicles of the English (mid-tenth century Britain)


Of Kings and Half-Kings

The Second English King 


The Mercian Brexit (short story)

The First Queen of England

The First Queen of England Part 2



The Earls of Mercia Series (late tenth century-eleventh century England)

Ealdorman  Republished as Viking Sword in June 2017

Ealdormen Republished as Viking Enemy in Sept 2017

Swein: The Danish King (novella)

Northman Part 1

Wulfstan: An Anglo-Saxon Thegn (novella)

Northman Part 2

Cnut: The Conqueror (full length side story - to celebrate the millenial anniversary of his accession to the English kingdom)

The King's Earl

Earl of Mercia 


The Dragon of Unison Series (fantasy)

Hidden Dragon

Dragon Alone

Dragon Gone

Dragon Ally

Dragon Lost

Dragon Bond


The Unknown Serial (YA Dystopian Sci-Fi)

Part 1  

Part 2

Part 3 (coming soon)


Blue Diamond (YA Romantic/Supernatural short story)